Friday, June 17, 2016


This product solves the problem for me. Why would I carry my gun in my purse when I don't always have my purse on my shoulder?

I don't wear slacks that have belts for a waistband holster.  I don't wear over-sized shirts to drape over my waistline to cover a side or inside the waistband holster and my blouse definitely won't cover a shoulder holster.  I'm not into vests, either.
I just got the LCR handgun and thought that it might be too heavy to carry in a Flashbang holster, but I was wrong.  The holster secures to my bra center with the standard loop snap and the gun snugs up under my breasts. With the Kydex holster, I don't have to worry about the trigger being exposed because it is shaped to cover over the finger guard perfectly.

My holster and gun are concealed per the law and no one can see it unless I inform them that I am carrying.

My gun is always close at hand and ready in case of a dire emergency when the lives of those around me or myself are threatened.

I have an LCP with the flashbang holster, also.

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