Friday, January 20, 2006

A Musing

Just sitting here, going over the past week and thinking about what's ahead.

I've overcome some temptations and fell prey to a couple. All in all, I still feel victorious. I threw off a yoke of oppression, too.

I have an article to write that is half done. A challenge entry needs to be in by Monday 9 am, not even started. Curious, that's the topic...start.

It's amazing how you can look at the days gone by and wonder what did you accomplish? Hours turn into days and days into weeks and still...where did they go? What did I do in all that time?

Is there any quality to carry forward into the future? Something I said or did, is it still alive waiting to alight and manifest as good? Where am I going and how do I get there are the questions tonight.

'Everything that is has been before' is a quote from the Bible. Even the air we breath has been here from the beginning. The same air that Adam and Eve breathed is still here, the same dirt, the same water. The Earth hasn't lost even any molecules, unless they went to the moon on a rocket. That's even up for debate, the moon trip, I mean.

So then, my words, that I speak out into the atmosphere and into someone's hearing, are going forward. They enter another's mind, rumble around and then are spewed back out into the air. How many times has a word circled the earth?

My actions directly affect the people around me. I impact them. They would not be the same if they had never met me, they would be different and maybe indifferent.

My life would be totally different without my daughter or son. Without my son, I would not have my grandchildren.

Doesn't that make me want to be different? To be a person that influences others for good instead of bad?

When I'm in a prayer group, how can I ever be critical of a person with whom I've stood before Jesus. We are all interceded for daily by our Savior and what right do we have to be their accuser for some mundane insignificant problem we have with them personally.

Oh well, God will make it clear to me someday. I will wait.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tales of a Groupie

My husband had his first gig!

He has been so faithful to learn to play guitar. Every day he practices and practices and practices. Each night he plays for about two hours, strumming chords and pickin' tunes.

Each of my children now have a guitar in their homes, just in case he visits. Then, he strums and picks for them.

My daughter is now a kindergarten teacher. Her class is studying the letter 'g' so she invited my husband to play his guitar for them. I tagged along on Monday to see his first concert. Of course, I sat in the mosh pit and took pictures.

The children are so bright and honest. They asked him if he plays on stage, or does he have a band? One sweet brilliant child said 'I think you play very nice.'

They sang along with his pickin' 'Twinkle, twinkle little star', totally drowning out the instrument. Then, my daughter (the teacher) got out little instruments for them to play the rhythm. She didn't have enough to go around so the rest had to use their hands to clap. Amazingly, that was ok with them.

What a joy to listen to the sounds of kids.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm really losing it!

Time for me to get back into the swing of things. There's a writers' conference in 6 months and my writing has been nil!

Let's see.

What's been happening?

Oh, yeah. I closed my bridal shop at the end of October. Halloween, whatever. Not really devastating it was nonetheless emotional. Boo Hoo. Tears for fears and all that.

I LOVE BEING HOME. My husband and I built a new home 5 years ago and this is the first that I've been able to enjoy it during the daylight hours. Very cool.

Of course, I'm not idle at home. I still have tons of bridal stuff. Ebay loves me. They even send me a message at the end of every month: PAY UP SUCKER! Not really.

Anyone need any wedding gowns? My husband NOW wants to turn the basement into a music studio. Why didn't he wait till I had sold everything? No, he's using it as an incentive to sell, sell, SELL!

Maybe I could 'paper' the walls and ceilings in white and ivory satin. I wonder how acoustic that would be?

My Herschel manuscript didn't get picked up by the publisher. Boo Hooooo. Another time, another publisher. I'm not giving up. Maybe the home schooler publishers would be a better option. May - convention time!

My mom's struggling with dementia. It put a damper on the holidays but as long as she's healthy and happy, I'm happy. I get her to church every Sunday and I'm confident that the Holy Spirit is speaking volumes to her. For He did not give her 'a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a SOUND MIND' (emphasis mine).

My sister says she sleepwalks. I had a doctor say that there's no such thing. Hey, when you see it with your own eyes, doc, I guess you'll believe.

That's what I tell people when I talk to them about Jesus Christ. When you see Him with your own eyes you'll believe. How do you see Him? Well it's like this. He's the only God who answers you. All the other gods are dead, dead wood. You just ask Him anything, He'll show you.

Oh, and don't believe it when they say there are many paths to the One, True God. NADA! Only one - Jesus. He's the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Even when I do something wrong and I know that God does not approve, He's still the only answer. There's no where else to go! How could I? Once I (or you) have tasted the sweet wine of Him, nothing else will satisfy.

Nothing else does anyway.

Am I rambling? It's fun!