Sunday, June 19, 2016


What could it be? Shopping?  No.  Reading? No. Eating? Yes. What? Ice cream. Let me explain.

I only eat plant-based foods, nothing with a mother or a face.  That's unusual, you say? Well, it's been working for three years now, maybe four.

My guilty pleasure used to be, "I don't have to eat meat?"  Is that true? To me, it was a release from a lifelong regimen of 'meat first, then add potatoes, veggies and dessert.' When I went plant-based or no meat, I felt a freedom from food that I never really liked.

"No meat?" I asked the doctor. "Is that safe? What about protein? B12? Iron?"

"Of course," she said. "You can get all the protein you need from veggies. Meat isn't necessary. You take a B12 supplement and iron is found in veggies, also."

Wow. That's amazing. I dropped about 25 pounds and my blood test results were amazing. My doctor called me a 63 year old with a 30 year old's blood work, not to mention that I have lowered my risks of heart disease, diabetes and the like.

No, a diet of veggies, fruit, beans and the rest can get a little boring, too.  I love smoothies and have learned how to make many desserts that appeal to my sweet tooth. (I forgot to mention the absence of oils, sugars & dairy, too.)

But, every once in a while, I have a craving for....wait for cream...cold, creamy, sugary, wonderful, go to the ice cream stand, no other place, summer cream.

What kind? Butter pecan, wet maple walnut sundae's, banana splits, black cherry, but my favorite, above all, hot fudge and caramel over vanilla soft serve with whipped cream and cherry on top.

Oh, my! The saliva in my mouth is going crazy right now. Just the desire for the luscious dessert is making me want to throw the keys in the car and head on down to Pop's, a fifties style ice cream shop where the neighborhood hangs out and cones in the kids hands are dripping onto the floor.

I can even smell the atmosphere on this summer's eve, the night before official start of the next season.

Of course, I usually pay for it afterwards. My body isn't used to all the sugar and milk. Zits pop out and other consequences appear but it was ALL worth it, loving ice cream.

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