Sunday, July 31, 2016


Do you know how difficult it is for a woman to pick out a purse? Well, it's hard because we all have our own style and preferences.  I think it's the same for men, too. There are bi-folds, tri-folds, money clips, large ones and skinny ones.  This wallet has two options in one. It's a bi-fold with a money clip in the center. It's made of soft smooth leather and thin bodied.  There are four card slots and a tuck-under compartment.  The center is served by a silvered money clip that opens and then snaps shut to hold your bills in place. It's great for those who want to carry a few cards and their bills while having a less bulky wallet.

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Don't you just love fun accessories? I know of a seven-year-old that is so trendy that she balks at having her picture taken unless she's stylin'.  She will love these black sunglasses with the red polka dot bow and the red side bows.  These will fit faces of 3 to 12-year olds. They do not have UV protection and are not polarized but they do have a tinted lens. They feel durable and will probably hold up well with parental supervision.

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Girls Sunglasses Kids Fashion Cute Styles - PGM Baby Girl Sunglasses Age 3-12

Thursday, July 28, 2016


What happened to just being festive? There are times that I think I am the biggest stick-in-the-mud around. I'm ready for some fun. But, I don't have any vacation money so I'm going to have fun around my house. These solar string lights are the perfect solution to economical decorating for nights out by the fire pit. I have a gazebo and they are ideal for hanging inside to give us some colorful ambient bling.  The string is 20 feet or 6m. They need to charge for 10 hours of direct sunlight (longer if cloudy) and will last a lifetime of 50,000 hours. That's a lot of hours. I like the steady on option. The flashing gets to me after awhile. I don't want it to feel like Christmas unless there is snow. The best part is that they are solar and don't cost any dollars on my electric bill. We will sit back and enjoy.

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What is your fluid intake per day? I've heard that eight 8 ounce glasses a day would be the right amount but what if you're 200 lbs. or 100 lbs.? I would think that would make a difference. A 100 pounder could almost drown if they drank as much as a 200 pounder.  But, at least 64 ounces would be the norm.  If you drank two of these cupfuls you'd be close because this holds 30 ounces.  The see-through top has a silicone gasket and a slide spout so that you don't lose the whole cup if it tips over. My husband wants me to get a large coffeepot so that he can fill it before work and have it last until early afternoon. The double-wall stainless has a holding power of eight hours. I definitely have to get him a handle so that he can maintain an easier grip.  The cup does fit in his car cup holder.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Oh, to be at the beach right now instead of sitting in a hot house 300 miles from the ocean! But I know that eventually, I'll be beachside on vacation some day. When we went to the beach, we had a difficult time keeping our beach umbrella in the sand. The wind was whipping across the hot beach flinging the stinging sand on our poor exposed bodies. Radiant waves of heat rose from the ground while the burning sun's rays beat down upon our heads. We needed an umbrella but couldn't keep it upright. This product is just the ticket.  It's basically a long pointed metal stake with a sleeve in which the pole of an umbrella slides right in.  There is a screw knob to tighten and secure the umbrella to the stake.  It fit so snug into the dirt ground that I didn't know how to get it back out. My husband then put his foot into the loop, pulled the umbrella pole out and then lifted the stake by the loop.  It works great and definitely a beach accessory that will be traveling with us the next visit to our favorite beach.

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How many times have you spilled your essential oil while trying to apply it to your skin or mix up a blend? I have many times and I always feel so wasteful. Then I discovered these roller ball bottles.  They work just like the old roll-on deodorant. The set of six colorful bottles come with a handy tool to remove the plastic insert so that you can fill the vial with your favorite oil or blend. They would make nice gifts for friends or family filled with a seasonal blend or even an anti-itch blend for the summer. 

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 Swimming. I was always afraid of swimming ever since I almost drown at the age of eight. I never could get the hang of it except to stroke across an 18-foot pool. I can't go underwater without holding my nose.  Kids these days know how to do everything including swimming. If I was a kid I'd want these cool goggles. I have a smaller head and narrow eyes so these fit me pretty well. I was surprised at the suction around the eyes. The silicone gasket 'popped' when I removed the goggles. With that kind of security, the water should stay put on the outside of the goggles. The greenish lenses are anti-fog and have UV protection. The silicone strap is fully adjustable, too.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


What is that smell? Did you ever wonder that?  I have. I've been in places when someone said that they could smell coconut. Of course, it was me and my coconut oil that I use for skin care. At this time of year, the earthy fragrances in the air are plentiful.  Jasmine, orange, and lily are a few of them. I think that the most romantic fragrance is a rose. It reminds me of so many events in my life. The pink rosebuds in my bridal bouquet, the wild roses rambling over the stone wall near my childhood home, and the pruned rose bushes that used to grow in my yard.  I believe that essential oils bring out those happy memories and thoughts. This rose water is organic and can be used straight on a cotton pad to refresh your face after cleansing. It can scent your moisturizer or spritz your pillow cases for a dreamy sleep. 

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I am going to have to stop this habit.  What? I go to bed early, open my tablet, start to read and then fall asleep. My husband came in the other night and woke me by saying, "I can't believe you fell asleep with you phone in your hand." I did. But now, I have this tablet pillow.  I can rest my Nook, Kindle or smart phone on the pillow and be virtually handsfree.  The padded pillow is lightweight and holds the device at the perfect angle for viewing movies or even reading. It has a denim covering and a magnet holds the backrest in position without slipping. The next time my husband catches me falling asleep while reading, at least it won't be in my hand. That just makes me feel like an idiot.

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How many of us want to save the earth? Well, I don't think we can actually save the planet, but we can do our part to eliminate waste whenever possible. Think of all of the paper products alone, that we toss in the garbage can daily.  Magazines, used copy paper, paper towels and more are just a few things that we should be able to recycle.  I think the most waste comes from paper cups, plates, and napkins. One of the ways to cut down on the disposable cups is to get one of these travel mugs. You can have them fill it with hot coffee or a cold drink. It will hold the heat or cold, at least until you have finished drinking.  This is double-wall stainless and I know my husband loves stainless for its holding power.  The lid is clear so that you can see how much you have left to drink. I would have liked a closable lid and a handle. Those I will have to purchase separately. It fits in a standard cup holder in your automobile.

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I remember, when growing up, we sometimes wanted to stay home from school, didn't you? Now, my mom and dad worked full time so I had to get ready to go out the door by myself. But before they left, I faked a fever. How? I would drink something hot and become flushed in the face. Yes, it worked. 
That was way before digital thermometers like this one.  Yes, don't drink anything hot or cold before taking the temperature or you will get a false reading.  My mom would have instantly known that a lie is a lie. 
This thermometer is easy to operate and was accurate for my oral body temp reading of 98.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The readout came within seconds of  inserting the probe into my mouth according to the directions. It beeped slowly so that I knew by the sound I was in normal range. It will beep faster if you have a fever. As with anything you use in a body orifice you need to thoroughly disinfect the probe. The battery is replaceable and the unit comes in a see-through plastic storage case.

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Monday, July 25, 2016


Don't we all like to play dress up?  I know I do. I can't wait to take this set to my classroom and have a picture day with all of these cute props. There are 31 pieces of heavy stock facial adornments that are sure to get the class laughing and rocking. 
Included are sticky squares to adhere the prop to a stick and then place it on your face while you are holding it up. You can put several on a stick; eyes and mustache or stick them together then add the stick to hold it in place.  These will work for male or female and will give your pictures a bit of spice to look back on. Kids love to dress up and get photo ops. They will enjoy these as long as they are careful not to rip the paper.  I think that I'll put a few of them together so that I have a facial prop ready to go when they get to class.

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I bet you didn't know that cassettes were once popular. In fact, the first cassette player and tape were a feat of modern technology after reel to reel players. Just to think that voices and music were on this brown magnetic tape made us wonder what could they possibly think of to top this! I guess we weren't thinking enough because technology has advanced and keeps on advancing.

So what do we do with those cassettes that we've had since the 1970's? We need to convert them.  Power up this converter with the enclosed USB cable to a power supply or use 2 AA batteries. Put in the cassette, plug in a speaker, insert a TF card (not included) to save the contents and press play. You can get as technical as you want to with the options such as pause between songs. You will have your old songs and recordings on MP3. Then, you can upload them to your computer or MP3 player.  

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 Have you ever wondered  how to organize hangers? They are always tangled and caught up in each other that it aggravates me.  Another item that gets me into trouble is bags. I have all kinds of purses, pocketbooks, small, large, medium, hard, soft, you name it, we all have them, even the plastic grocery bags, duffles, and totes.  Now, whoever designed this back bag tote was brilliant. It folds into itself for an easy addition to my car bags. The bag will be so handy when I'm garage sale hunting in neighborhoods, this will hold my water bottle, snacks, cell phone and much more. It will even work for when I'm on a trip and just want an extra carryall bag with me for trinkets or a jacket. The bag is constructed well with three zippered pockets and a drawstring top. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable.

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Don't you just love summertime and farmer's markets? Well, I do. I love to see the fresh veggies and fruits well displayed for sale. Some vendors go out of their way to make their produce eye-pealing.  So often I get home with a load of veggies and in two days time, it is starting to wilt or get soggy from extra moisture in the plastic bags. 
I love these produce bags. I was able to insert a whole bunch of kale in one bag. They are white and see-through so that I can tell what is in the bag before opening. They wash with a sprayer hose and dry fast. I had purchased the kale with the intention of making kale chips but I have to wait until the weather cools down before I turn on the oven and roast us out of the house.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016


There is nothing worse than trying to cut anything with a dull knife. I think steak is the worst but if you have a tough steak, you have a tough steak no matter how sharp the knife.

Here is a do it yourself knife sharpener.  It has two slots, one for coarse, straight edged knives, and slot two that is for fine honing, straight or serrated knives.  I used my paring knife that I must have had for 20 years and brought the edge back to life. I tried it out on a paper edge and it sliced right through.  This sharpener has a safe place for your hand while you sharpen the knife with your other hand. If you're a lefty or a righty, it doesn't matter because it accommodates both.

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Did you ever hear of carrot seed oil? I never did either, but it exists.  Now, when you look for carrot seed oil, you want it to be organic, unrefined, cold pressed and virgin. It doesn't come from the carrots that we eat but from seeds of the wild carrot plant or Queen Anne's lace, same thing.

It makes me wonder who got that idea. Let's take the seeds from this plant, pressed the oil out of the seed, and see what it will fix. Hmmmm.

I've heard of it used to treat dysentery or to expel worms, but it has cosmetic benefits, too. It can be used to tan or moisturize the skin, ease muscle pain or add a woodsy scent to your essential oil blend. Do not just use on your skin as it comes out of the bottle. Be sure to use a carrier oil, such as coconut or almond, to dilute the strong oil and just try a little on your skin to see if you have any adverse reaction from the application site.

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Zia Botanicals Carrot Seed Oil - 100% Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined - Essential for Healthy Skin - Perfect Carrier Oil

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Life is precious. It's here one minute and gone the next. One of my friend's mom passed on last night. I just saw her on Monday driving her wheelchair through the sterile hallway to the elevator. She always had a purposeful look on her face as she struggle to keep the oxygen nourish her 90 year old body. Barely able to see, she would navigate through the identical floors to her room and wait for her daughter to call her in the morning.

My friend was with her the evening before. Neither of them knew that it would be the last. Comments about the blistering heat outside and the iciness of the air inside added to the concerns of laundry, food intake, meds, and comfort.

We never know when it's the last, do we? Even though sickness and disease are evident, death is not so much. Up to the last second of life, we don't know. Only God knows the time of our departure.

My friend's mom went home to Jesus. Every bit of pain, despair and sorrow...gone. She's made whole again.

All who knew her and know Jesus, will see her again. It's the hope of death. It's the life-link to eternity. It's the beginning of a Greater Adventure.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


One day my foot started to swell. Not the whole foot but just that part on the top of my instep. It would just bubble right up and hurt.  The pain is excruciating and makes life difficult to walk through.  I was told that it was arthritis. The inflammation doesn't go away very fast but I tried these compression socks.  The socks can't cure the swelling but it helps keep it under control.  Standing on my feet all day with the socks, I am still able to move without sever pain at the end of the day.  Sometimes the pain overrides the socks but not very often.  These socks are very well made, washable, and form fitting. There was only one in my package.

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AprilTex Ankle Foot Sleeve with True Graduated Compression ★ Buy 1 Sleeve & Get the 2nd for 50% ★ High Quality Ankle Compression Support for daily use, sport activities, Pain Relief & More ★ Sold As One Sleeve ★ Free Guide to Healthy Legs


I love to have my stairs and entrances well lit so that the dogs and visitors at night are able to see their way up the stairs. It's also a pleasant feeling when you've been out for the evening, to come home and see a light shining.  This lantern light can be mounted on a wall or the side of a post. I chose to use the enclosed stake to place it in my flower pot by the back door. What I like the most about solar lights is the bugs aren't attracted to the LED light and I don't get a mess of insect bodies laying around in the morning. This unit is made entirely of plastic so that it won't rust. The solar panels are on the top of the unit and I was able to see it light after about five hours of direct sunlight. They recommend to let it charge for 12 hours to get a full night's lighting. I just hope it keeps the bear away!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.