Friday, June 17, 2016


The drummer for our praise team emailed me, about a year ago, with a link to order a new drum throne. He said that he needed more comfort while he played. It's hard to play drums when you have to keep beating a bass drum with your right foot, the left foot is on the hats and your hands are moving across the heads and cymbals. I don't know how he keeps his seat on the old round stool.

Then he went into the reserves and we put the new seat on hold. He has just about completed his training and will be back in the drum cage semi-permanently, so I ordered the stool.

I can definitely see why he wanted it.  It is molded so that it gives a better security like a a tractor seat. Now our drummer will be, not only in style but in comfort, too.

UPDATE! Our drummer loves it. He said that he could play all day long and not have his legs get tired as they did with the old round throne. Great product!

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