Sunday, April 16, 2017


Don't you just love a foot massage? I would like one daily but alas, my husband has to work. So I got one of these Deep Tissue Spiky Massage Balls.  The ball is about 2.5 inches and has spikes all over it. It's not made of a soft plastic but it could be squashed, especially if my dogs find it.

The instructions are to roll it over the targeted area to relieve tightness in muscles and sore tissues, encourage blood and oxygen flow. It's a handy size that you could take it with you on vacation, to a sports activity, or to work.

I used it on my feet just to relieve the tight muscles so that I don't get a foot cramp in the middle of the night or after wearing high heels for a long time but you can use it on most parts of your body.

I received this product for free. A favorable review was not guaranteed.

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If your feet hurt, your whole body aches. The feet are the basis of balance for your body and support the weight. When you have arch pain or heel spurs, you will have trouble walking and also, your emotions will be fluctuating with the pain.

Here is a set of Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Braces and Heel Pain Silicone Gel Insoles. They are flexible but maintain their shape when in use. The arch supports have a Velcro closure to secure them to the arch but in a comfortable soft way. The heel cups are clear silicone with a blue center to give your heels a cushion inside your shoes.

Even if you don't have any foot pain, these would be ideal to prevent injuries when you are very active in sports such as running or walking. They are easy to use and I would give them 5 stars for a great product that is made well.

I received this product for free. A positive review was not guaranteed.

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Monday, April 03, 2017


The challenges that women face for conceal carry are getting smaller these days with the new designs of holsters that enable curvy women to carry without revealing their armament to the public.

This is a belly band holster that a man or woman can wear under their clothes without detection. The velcro fastening system allows for my 26" waist line or up to a 44" waistline. I got the right-hand draw and it wraps around my waist very comfortably.  The fabric is soft but structured enough not to squish down over the wearing time. 

I found the elastic strap to fit over my .380 and hold it securely with the snap closure. I think some improvement could be made to the strap by using a one-way snap or velcro so that the gun and clip wouldn't fall out. Their customer service is fantastic!

I give this product ★★★★'s! I received this belly band at a discount. A positive review was not guaranteed.

Sunday, April 02, 2017


Are you looking for a fashionable inexpensive watch that looks great? Here's a very nice watch that comes with a real leather watchband. Out of the box, it was keeping perfect timing.

I have very small wrists, 5.5 inches or 4 cm, and this watchband still allows for a narrower wrist. The band is very nice and looks like quality with the grain. It is comfortable to wear, too.

The face, with Roman numerals, is easy for me to read, even without my bifocals. The crystal doesn't seem to scratch after I worked feverishly with it all week. It's water resistant but I didn't test it for leakage. 

It's very nice for the price and would be perfect for everyday use or a nice gift.

I received this product at a discount. A favorable review was not guaranteed but I do like it!

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