Friday, June 17, 2016


Why Soul Reflections? Isn't everything we do reflect something within our souls?

Every thought, word and deed come from a deep level of unconsciousness or consciousness. It's in there...somewhere.

We all have opinions. Most of them are probably good. A lot of them are skewed by our environment, society and pressers. A lot of them are probably bad. There are those we tend to suppress rather than delving into the reasons behind a thought that doesn't make sense or doesn't agree with who we want to be or think who we are.

Soul Reflections.  It sums up all that I write about. I had started with poetry years ago, when I started blogging. The poetry was inspired by my relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn't just feelings but a knowing about something that is so intangible that it seems unreal. I just knew stuff but couldn't explain how I knew it..

Sure, I researched and re-read the Bible tons of times but out-of the blue, a melody pops into your head and you suddenly realized that it was there before you realized it.

Maybe it all comes out of our life experiences, things we had forgotten, like a long lost memory suddenly there in real time. They say that our minds have a capacity that is underused, under aware.

Whatever it is, it is a reflection of what I am, have been and could be...someday. Hope this helps you to gain understanding even in your own soul.
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