Monday, June 20, 2016

WHAT IS MY MAKEUP? Day 6 challenge

I'm just your average 63 year old worker who likes to write, paint, craft, teach, sing, play bass and much more.

To go along with these hobbies, I need perseverance. I have to finish the projects to gain my own satisfaction and feel accomplished. It is also a quality that my boss respects and enhances the environment in which I work.

I am a problem solver. Not just solve the problem, but to know where to find help and seek the solution is a trait that I like in myself. I always try to search and research to help find a product, service or idea that will complete a project or design.

Since I love music and art, I need the loving, compassionate side to my nature. Music is just notes and sound without the heart and soul of the musician flowing through the vocal cords or instrument. I love to love.

There are many more character traits that I have, good and bad. The ones expressed here are the ones that have surfaced the most lately. 

Traits are something that can be worked on. I can achieve to love more, be less demanding, less condemning, more caring, more compassionate. I will persevere to improve my character and not be satisfied with who I was yesterday or today but yearn to aspire to a higher level of human concern for those around me. 

It is possible. 

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