Monday, March 06, 2017


How many times have you been somewhere, break a nail, get a sliver, or need to pop a zit? Well, maybe not all of these but it's handy to have the tools when you may need them.

My mom is in a nursing home and they don't clean her fingernails as often as they should because she tends to use her fingers a lot while eating. Sometimes I have to soak her nails to get the embedded food particles removed as gently as possible.

This nicely encased set of tools is exactly what I need to carry with me. The tweezers are perfect for removing the chin hair and the tools for cleaning are perfect for the job at 'hand'. I like the side angle clippers for her toenails, as swell as the larger clippers for the thicker nails.

They are made of stainless steel so they are sure to last a long time and can be sanitized, too. This is a handy set in a fashion padded case that I can have near the bed or at the office. It's a great set and one that everyone needs.

I received this product at a discount. A positive review was not guaranteed but I give this product 5 stars.

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