Saturday, July 13, 2013


Things have changed. Circumstances are different. People move. The day passes. Nights are quiet.

Writing used to be a passion...when I was passionate about writing.

Then I got bored and just posted for posting. Books I've never read but was willing to promote.

The only book that has kept my interest for 40 years is the Bible. It's always fresh, new, relevant and comforting.

You should write about your passions. Reading is so much more enjoyable when you know that the writer has a burning yearning to put on white space the words from their heart.

I won't be reviewing books anymore. I will be sharing my thoughts.

By the way, have you checked out my other blogs? 

The Cellar Yellers This is where I post about our three-piece band. Good fun and a break from the world.

Participation in the Divine Nature  My newest passion...creative designs for Sunday School and church decoration.

It's time to share what the Spirit has put upon my heart.