Wednesday, May 04, 2016


This is one of those products that when they arrive in the mail and my husband sees it, I lose ownership!  He gave this product a 5 star. Here's a man that has had all kinds of head lamps and he likes this one the best.  The strapping is substantial and easy to adjust.  It comes with the 2 batteries that were fully charged so that we could immediately try it out.  The front light is adjustable for angle and light shape. I had never seen a light shine a square spot before so this was really neat.  There aren't any dark corners in that mode.  The led light is so bright that you get good distance of visibility.  We had so much fun with this. I even gave him a haircut and wore the headlamp so that I could 'see' all around his head without any shadows! He was extremely grateful to come away without any nicks from the razor.

I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

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