Friday, June 30, 2006

Good Friday Morning

Today is my weekly prayer meeting at church. Our church is still in the flood emergency section of the city, so I didn't encourage people to travel.

Did you ever wonder how you sound to other people when you pray? I have so many inadequate words to tell God how wonderful He is. I know that I fail to pray 'aright' but somehow He hears me.

Less often than more, I just talk to Him. I'm hoping He'll forgive my stumbled words and misquotes of Scripture. I feel as if I should be so much farther along in my faith than I believe that I am.

I can almost feel my heart cry out to Him. There is so much unbalance in this world, so much injustice. My soul longs for His justice and mercy to manifest in everything. I want Him to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I may not have flowery speech or prose of pen, but God still understands. He's the greatest when I'm the weakest. My poor mite given in faith speaks volumes of love, faith and hope in Him.

I love Him.


Brigitte said...

So true - we all feel like that, more often than we care to admit. Yet, He is the only one we don't have to feel inadequate in front of - He knows the prayes in our hearts before we even attempt to put them into words!

Jesus we adore you!!

Unknown said...

i feel like that too heaps debra re praying the right stuff! some people sound so spiritual and elequant while praying, but not me. i used to semi worry about it (not that i didnt sound good enough to people, but whether i was praying the right things to God... but as spookie said, i figured he knew what i ment and what was needed, my "job" was just to talk to him, be with him and share with him what i felt, not give him instruction on how to fix it or what to do!)

thanks for your post on Great Lovers in my blog... i love that word "yearns"

my heart yearns to know God more intimately and to know His heart for the lost and to then make that my life!

yay for the work of GOd in your life - giving u clear eyesight to what is really vital and important.

i pray for MORE of that yearning for us both, and for you strategies for reaching the lost, and divine appointments with people needing salvation!

Soul Reflections said...

Spookie - amen
Claire - thanks for your words and 'back at cha'!

gail said...

Debra, I wonder all the time how I sound to others when praying!!! I am glad to see that someone else is honest enough to admit it too.

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember but it still worries me.

I am having to content myself these days with enjoying being in His presence, adoring Him, surrendering to Him, and telling Him that I need Him to exist. I know that He already knows my needs, wants and wishes before I start.

And I think that you have summed it up well at the end when you wrote " I love Him". That's what is important-- not flowery speech but your heart.

Masked Rabbit said...

Hey Debra,

Yup used to have this problem too when I was in a group, worrying if I "said it right" etc. I think God just wants us to talk with him as we would with one of our closest friends. Honesty above all.

Liz said...

just popping in from busyland!

have a blessed fourth!!
we will chat soon!

Soul Reflections said...

I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks for everyone's encouragement.

Soul Reflections said...

eliz - where ya been?