Saturday, June 24, 2006

Do I Look Any Different Today?

Guess what?

At rehearsal Thursday nite, I played the bass guitar. It's such fun and easy! I'm learning some bass runs.

My pastor is going to re-string it into a 5-string sound but it will still have only 4 strings.

It's amazing how God gives us gifts and we don't use them until we try them out. My hubby and I (in our 50's) are having a blast.

Don't grow stale as you get older. Try new things together to keep your marriage exciting and fresh.

Oh and by playing bass guitar, I can keep my fingernails longer than if I stayed with the mando or six-string. God is so good.

By learning guitar together, we've been able to understand how important harmony and rhythm is to produce a clear and pleasant sound. You have to work together. God still refines our relationship on a daily basis. I've found where I've been too quick to interrupt or unwilling to listen. We've got to walk together on the same page.

My prayer for you today is that God blesses your marriage and brings unity and harmony into your lives. May the peace of God surpass ALL understanding and give you wisdom beyond measure. Love to All.


A Captured Reflection said...

I love what you shared here. How wonderful! Thanks Debra.

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

I am soooo not musical...God would have to perform a miracle in order for me to be musical! I'd love to be musical though.

gail said...

Debra, my husband and I don't play the guitar together but we do counselling together. He used to be in business but made a big life change 2001 and studied for a Master's in Counselling and now we have so much more in common to talk about. You're never too old to learn!!! Maybe we'll tackle the guitar next!!!
Oh playing the mandolin sounds a great thing to be able to do.

For Andy Stanley's talks I think its but I just Google northpoint community church alpharetta. His series "Permission to Speak Freely " is excellent. In fact everything I've heard him talk about has been outstanding.

Louie Giglio also has a few talks on this site too Louie leads the "Passion " Christian collegiate movement and he is a great communicator of the gospel too. Check are good talks there too

Enjoy and be blessed!!!

Masked Rabbit said...

Hey Debra,
Well this post touched home! Whilst hubs and I do get on very well there are some key elements that we don't share and that means that some of the most important areas in my life are something I am alone in. Good post and thanks for sharing.

Soul Reflections said...

Thanks Gail. I'll check him out.

Hey try music. It's good for your soul.

Liz said...

I am learning the guitar. myself.
I use to live in PA. stop by my blog sometime!!

Soul Reflections said...

eliz, are you playing 6 string? Where in PA did you live? I grew up in Montrose.

Unknown said...

what a wee community the blogspot is... i recognise a few folk on here (hi karen, eliz and gail)

hey i love the As 4 me and my blog, we will serve the Lord... how do u do that???? so cool :o)


Soul Reflections said...

Claire, Hi and welcome to my blog. I got the banner when I joined the Christian Women's Writer circle. Click on it from my blog and they'll tell you what to do. I'll stop by and chat.