Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flood Update

This is our town park. In the distance is the river itself. You can't see the bottom of the trees. Only the roof of the pavilions are visible. All you can hear are the birds chattering in the tops of the trees.

The sun has come out hot and strong. Odors are getting more prevalent. At first it was an oil/gas smell. Now the raw sewage, dead fish and other things are mingling with the wetness.

My mom, sister and her friend were rescued by my sister's fiance. He finally made it through the obstacle course and took them back to their house. I just delivered my grandkids back home. It was their first experience walking a plank across the deluged ditch.

The scanner is non-stop with rescues and repairs. Reports of floating houses, cars and trees have come across the phone lines. A pizza shop exploded earlier and fires have sprung up in houses and other businesses. A man stranded on top of his tractor trailer has been rescued also. Several helicopters have gone overhead. I think they're army or national guard units.

Roving reporter, Bonnie (Bonniewrites) will be sharing her photos soon. She's gone north of the city, I'm south.

They're calling this the 100-year flood. I've seen videos on other floods that have happened in the last 100 years but I never expected to be in one. Thank God that He directed us to move to higher ground.

That's where He is...higher and higher and higher.


A Captured Reflection said...

I had no idea so much was going on in New York right now. Floods in June, and the worst in 100 years.

Praying God's protection on you all.

Soul Reflections said...

Yep. Things are bad but they're good too. People are starting to come together and help each other. Helps you get your priorities straight.

gail said...

Thats the first I've heard of the floods there Debra. One of the girls on Sunny's blog lives in PA and got her basement flooded. It hasn't even been on the news in Australia. Glad that you have been able to help out the family.
We have hundred year flood too and I hope that the next one is not in my lifetime as we live on Great Valley Rd. with the creek at the bottom of our garden!!! So we'd be gonners.

Soul Reflections said...

Our area was just on CNN with Lary King. The flood has affected 7 counties in NY and many in PA and NJ. I'll start building an ark if they forecast another one!

M. C. Pearson said...

Man, too much! You and Bonnie! I'll be praying for your neighborhoods! God bless!

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

No car parts in the pictures...give me that camera *snatch*

Masked Rabbit said...

Wow Debra,

I'm so glad you're safe and so are your family. I was completely unaware of this going on so a real shock to see your posts and pictures. How scary!
Thank God you were taken care of.