Monday, June 12, 2006

Ready Set Goooooooooooooo!

Rehearsal last night til 10pm. I loooove to sing! I'll miss our jam session on Tuesday night because I have to go to an overseers meeting. I'll get back in time for coffee and goodies, I think.

Mike and I planted our shrubs this afternoon. I got a mock orange bush at the flea market. I love white flowering stuff. I couldn't afford a dogwood, so I settle for the $9 shrub.

I have the loveliest hummingbird that comes in the morning and evening to the feeder. It's a she. Her wings are just vibrating the air.

We've been invaded by rabbits. A family of four played around in our driveway. One was so exhausted from running in circles, 'she' just sprawled out in the dirt. Animals are such un-vain (probably NOT a word) comics.

I had planted yellow pansies in my flower pots around the gazebo. Their pretty faces make me smile.

'And what is so rare as a day in June...then, if ever, come perfect days.'

I had to memorize that poem in high school...ages ago. It's never left except the author's name. I could look it up but...

How cool!

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Brigitte said...

Bunnies, Huming birds - sounds like a veritable paradise! I love singing too btw, sorry you are missing your jam session - I love going to mine.