Monday, July 18, 2016


My husband likes white socks. He likes white underwear, too. I believe they call them 'whitey-tighties'. But, his wife likes to get him into the 21st century and conform him to modern up-to-date underwear and socks. The change from the whitey-tighties wasn't too hard, with the longer legged briefs for winter and regular briefs for summer.  Socks are another matter altogether.  He wears short ones, mid-calf and higher ones.  The short ones are for summer sneakers. The mid-calf socks are worn for when he wears his work boots in the three other seasons. The regular tube socks and heavy boot socks just don't work on his bigger calves. These white dress socks will be perfect to wear with his boots. He will have more room when he pulls the Wellingtons up onto his calf.  These are thinner than tube socks and because they are 78% cotton, he doesn't have to worry about moisture when he sweats.  He is very pleased with these.

I received this free promotional product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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