Thursday, July 07, 2016


A very popular girl's name is Rosemary. The name comes from a woody-stemmed plant that can grow as large as a hedge. It has needle-like leaves and is harvested as an herb and now as an essential oil.

This 4 fluid ounce bottle comes with a glass eye dropper that replaces the packaged cap.  

The company claims that it is 100% natural and pure therapeutic grade oil that comes from India.

As with all essential oils, it pays to do your homework as to the purity of the product. For me, I will use it as part of a blend for my humidifier diffuser and let the fragrance permeate the air.  

Essential oils are very strong and when they are used on the skin, less is more. I use a drop or two in a carrier oil, like coconut, and the odor is almost overpowering. I had used some oil straight up on my skin and got a severe case of hives that lasted three weeks. It wasn't a pleasant sight to see.

Some of the uses for Rosemary are antioxidant, arthritis, diabetes, flue headache, memory and sinusitis. It is not recommended for pregnant women as a topical, aromatic or internal application.

I received this product at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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