Friday, July 08, 2016


We had to get these in use as soon as we received them. We had a gig on Thursday evening and were anxious to see how they worked. Well, they weren't exactly what we needed when we installed them on our music stands. You see, they had made them to come off of the back side of the book holder, so that would mean that we would be trying to look under the microphone to see our music.

My husband needed to modify the angled piece with an extender to have the arm come out from the side, thereby letting the boom telescope towards our right side. We were able to add a 9.5 inch piece from some old booms, weld it and then paint it black. With the addition of our wireless mics, the arms reached our faces exactly where we wanted them.

We were going to leave them attached to our music stands and bag them up as one piece, but the stress on the attachment bracket may fail at some time in the future if that was the way we carried them.  The arm is still very sturdy with the extension.

I recommend On Stage to modify their design. Our gig bags are much lighter and with less equipment to be set up on the stage, we have much more room and the set is neater.

I will update with pics from our next gig so that you can see how much neater and organized our equipment looks.


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