Wednesday, November 30, 2016


All right, it's just another bragging blog post about silicone products, but they're good! At least, good for baking.

This is a complete set...pan, silicone baking mat, and silicone pot holder. I love the color. It's close to a mint green that makes you feel like cooking. You'll think that you're a pro with this set!

The silicone baking mat helps to prevent your cookings from sticking to the metal pan and easily washes clean even in the dishwasher. It works great! The silicone pot holder is perfect to fit your hand and get a good grip on that hot pan. It has ridges on the inside of the mitt so that your hand doesn't slip off the pan.

This would make a great gift for the new homemaker, shower gift, or upgrade your own kitchen wares.

I received this promotional item at a discount, and a favorable review was not assured.

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