Tuesday, November 22, 2016


CLICK, CLICK, CLICK! That's what I hear on my new wood floors every time my dog needs a drink, eat, or go out. His nails are so long that I'm afraid he will poke holes in my furniture and scratch the floors.

Not to worry anymore since I received this Almago Pet Nail Grinder.  This nail grinder is a safe and effective way to trim toenails on, not only dogs but cats, rabbits, hamsters, and birds. I have yet to try it on my cats but they don't mind that I use a pair of nail scissors for them.

My boy, Jack is in the video and he is very skittish because he was a rescue dog. I just need to move the wrong way and he takes off to hide. I was able to get him to sit still for a few minutes as I used the battery-operated grinder on a few of his nails. When he thought that was enough, he left.

The grinder takes two (2) AA batteries and has a protective cap over the grinding wheel for small animals. The cap may be removed to expose a larger grinding area with the wheel exposed.

The sound isn't harsh or loud so the pet shouldn't be overwhelmed with fear of the noise. It's a great little unit and will be perfect to complete your pet's accessories.

I received this product at a discount. The opinion is 100% my own.
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