Thursday, November 17, 2016

Python Programming for Beginners Ebook

Oh, I remember when I took Computer 101 in the 1980's and was first introduced to DOS. We learned simple programming but there still wasn't much you could do in DOS. Then Windows came along and we were simply amazed by technology.

Now, in this century, even novices to computers can learn how to make programs and apps for just about anything you would need. It's like learning another language and this ebook will guide you step-by-step in the process.

The program can be installed on Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. There is a lot of computer terminology used in the ebook that I am not familiar with but the book does explain these terms as you learn the programming language. 

For me, it would take some time, that I do not have at the moment, to study and apply the program to my computer skills, which are limited to using what is already on my computer. If I had the need or interest to learn Python, I have the product available now by this purchase.

I received this product free. The opinion expressed is my own.
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