Saturday, November 26, 2016


Someone has finally done it, made a selfie-taking product that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker AND you wear it around your neck on a string!

Technology amazes me. This is a perfect gift for a teenager that wants to be active but still have music surrounding them, be able to answer their cell phone, and snap a photo on the go. This unit does it all, even emits colors!

You just wear it as a pendant and it's always in reach. It's easy to set up. It comes with a USB charging cord that plugs into your computer or adapter. When the flashing light goes out, it is fully charged and ready to be programmed.  Set up your Bluetooth, alter the light modes and you're ready to start listening, recording, or take a selfie by pairing the unit with your cell phone via Bluetooth.

What will they think of next?????

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 I received this product at a discount. A positive review is not guaranteed.

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