Saturday, November 26, 2016


Confused and worried about this upgrade? Don't be. I upgraded months ago and continued working with my software without a problem until my accounting program quit working. Then, I had to purchase one compatible with Windows 10. That was the only glitch for me.

This ebook explains the ins and outs of the new desktop template so that you can navigate the new additions. If you've used Windows 8, you are probably familiar with some of the features but there are more than even what I've been using.

I don't game but if you do, it will enhance your gaming experience just by the speed. I didn't realize that the Cortana option is very similar to "Siri" on my iPhone. I will have to experiment with that option so that I can 'talk' to her during work hours.

It's a great beginners handbook that will have you up and running Windows 10 in no time at all.

I received this ebook for free. A positive review is not guaranteed.

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