Monday, October 17, 2016


When you start to 'feather your nest' with products and supplies to begin homemaking, whether it be a first-time homeowner or your first apartment, it's usually the time when you place your own style imprint on home design.

When I first got married we had one bridal shower and people gave you gifts of what they thought you needed. It was a time way before the internet. You actually went to the store and bought what they had. 

There were no TV ads telling you what was the latest and greatest to have in your home. You had to depend on magazine ads and even then, there were only Good Housekeeping and Woman's Day to give you an idea of products for your home. They were never in the local stores, the items were out of our budget, and we didn't travel to shop.

So with the influx of the internet and the plethora of household products these days, it's easy to develop your style with what you like. Products are much more affordable, too, like this 7 Piece Set of Silicone and Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils.  

They are constructed well and attractively generic for the modern kitchen. Most appliances come in the stainless steel and these would work well with any color scheme.  The silicone heads are great for cooking and mixing. They won't scratch your bowls or make any noises while you are stirring in your pots or stainless bowls.

They are BPA free and latex free.

For the price of $19.95, you get seven pieces which make each one cost about $2.85 so that are cost-effective. These would be a perfect upgrade for your own kitchen or a gift for a bridal shower.

Get your set here: Amazon - 7 Piece Cooking Utensil Set

I received this product at a discount. The opinion expressed here is entirely my own. The links provided are affiliate links.

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