Monday, October 24, 2016


What electronic accessory can you never have enough? Lighting cables. 

I need one in my purse, at my office, near my bedside charger, my home computer, and in my carryall tote. Not only do I need the cables for charging but I need ones that can't be chewed my my 'special' cat. She's a chewer of cords and a licker of plastic bags, but that's another story.

These lighting cables from Kenex are perfect. The cords are braided so that they won't be chewed through and they charge my iPhone 5 as fast as Apple recommends. They are very well made

Inevitably, my phone is nearly drained by the time I go to bed so I just plug this cable into my phone charger and still can use it before I fall asleep. The cord is tough but flexible and it extends at lease six feet so that it doesn't just hang when my cat knocks it off my bedside table. 

I have yet to get an iPad and my iPod was stolen from my car but these cables would work for them also.

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, these are a great price and a great product.

I received this product free. The opinion express is entirely my own.

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