Thursday, October 27, 2016


What do you do with all of the essential oil bottles that you have collected? I've been storing mine in a small cupboard. When I try to look for one, I inevitably knock into one of the bottles, thereby starting an avalanche of glass bottles clanking into each other and pouring out onto the floor. Not a pretty sight and very frustrating.

I have a very small box that only holds around 21 bottles but it isn't large enough, so I got this case that holds up to 68 .50 ounce bottles and 6 roller bottles. The box is made of a grained wood that can be stained or painted with your personal choice of color. I like the look of the natural wood. It's very well made and the bottles will be secure and separated if you need to travel. I like the size of the box so that it fits easily on a shelf in my bathroom closet.

The box also protects your oils from any light that could break down the healthful properties of the oils. That's why it's important to use colored bottles for this protection, too. 

With the box, you get a sheet of different colored labels for the tops of your bottles. This way you don't have to guess which oil is in which bottle. And if you are blending oils you have an easy way to label your blends and color code them according to their uses.

Also included are 24 Pipettes that are great for adding drops of oils when you are making your blends. There is a CD ebook about Aromatherapy and you can sign up for their email newsletter at where you can save up to 20% off their products by signing up. 

As a bonus, the seller says to use claim code 'bigbox25' for all of my followers to receive a 25% discount!

Essential Oils Wooden Storage Case Holds Up to 74 Bottles – Large Capacity Box with Customizable Slots – Bonus Color-Coded Bottle Cap Stickers, 25 Pipettes, and Aromatherapy EBook CD 

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