Thursday, October 06, 2016


I got this new dog bed the other day and showed my 60 lb. Lab mix dog. He sat it in for a minute and then was more interested in eating.  

Since it was on the floor in the living room, my two cats had to investigate.  My Jaspar walked right in and laid out in the middle, perfectly content. But, the orange cat, Buxton, had to test the puffy pillow in the middle. He worked and worked his nails, purring all the while. It passed their test.

Later that night, I put the pet bed near our bed for the smaller dog but he turned his nose up and went onto his pillow. In the morning, I found the big dog, Jack, all snuggled in.

The pet bed is made very well with memory foam sides that give a little protection from floor drafts and the removable pillow for washing, is soft. The entire bed is covered in a furry fabric. 

It's a great product and I believe that it will wear well.

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Friends Forever Large Memory Foam Dog Bed

I received this product for free. The opinion expressed is entirely my own.

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