Friday, October 21, 2016

Air Fryer Cookbook: Delicious Air Fryer Recipes For A Healthy Diet (Delicious, Recipes, Easy, Simple, Air Fryer Cookbook)

Everyone I know calls me a fussy eater. Well, I try to limit my intake of oils. Oil is one of the major causes of obesity in our country. Some of the major contributors to excess intake of oil and fats are fast food, processed food, such as potato chips.

Here is a cookbook for frying your foods with an air fryer. I don't have one, but I believe it is a great way to have fried foods without all of the excess cooking oils in your food.

This cookbook has recipes for frying or roasting meats and other foods for a healthier intake of good food. Air fryers reduce fried food odors in your home because of an air filter system and  faster cooking times.

There are plenty of simple breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are easy to make with your regular foods.

Follow the affiliate link below to see a sample recipe in the book with the table of contents and a preface of the style of cooking foods with an air fryer.

I received this ebook free. The opinion expressed here are my own.
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