Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Soul Reunion

It's taken me 53 years to discover my identity. It's in Christ. Only through Him have I been able to accept me.

I went to my 35th high school reunion over the weekend. Only a small turnout but we had time to talk to each other and remember the 'good' old days.

Those days were full of pursuing acceptance from each other. With clothing, hair styles, pierced ears we tried to 'fit' into the societal hierarchy within our class. How much of a jock you were, dictated the number of females chasing you. Cheerleaders always seemed to win out.

After graduation, things started getting more difficult. Fitting into the world that has already grown up, challenged the most astute high school graduate. All of a sudden, we were at the bottom again.

Talking with someone at the reunion, she remarked how fortunate my husband and I were with our 35 year marriage. She asked "What do you regret?"

"Nothing." It just slipped out.

"Not even one? I always wanted another child so I have that regret?"

"Nope. Everthing that has happened to me, even the bad things or the wrong road chosen, have made me who I am today." And I'm pretty happy with me at the moment, even with all my faults. My character has been transformed. I know that when I discover something about me that I don't like, it will change.

Think back on that conversation, I realized how true that statement was. I did sinful and wrong things that I'm sorry about, but don't regret them. I would never have know how perfect Jesus is without them. I'm still short, still a little bottom heavy, but that isn't the 'me' that I see today. I am what I feel, think, say and believe. My faith has sharpened and honed my character, transforming my thinking of eternal, not external treasures.

God is so awesome. His praise should always be in my heart, if not on my lips. The Great Potter knows His plans and He has shaped me for today. Tomorrow I may look, see, feel, be different than today, but I have learned that it is for my benefit and His Glory.

Yes, I am today much closer to the Kingdom of God, especially since I've left my desires of yesterday behind.


Liz said...


good morning, and happy 4th to you!!

sure you can use it on your bulletin! is it for church??

and heay on your front sheet of your blog, how did you get the black sideways stripe that saya, as for me and my blog we will serve the Lord??

well blessings!

Brigitte said...

It is so important that we know who we are - individually - in Christ. God Bless!

Masked Rabbit said...

Hmmm, self-acceptance, I'm still waiting on that one but maybe I've got a few more years before light dawns for me.
Great post Debra, I like the way that you think.

Liz said...

hey girl glad ya liked it was afraid it was not working ya need fast dail up!

gail said...

Great post Derbra. It's great to know who you are in Him.
Love Blue

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

I already knew the story...but I didn't want you to say that I hadn't been here..especially since I *sigh* rarely see you on mine...LOL

Mrs. D said...

I envy your assurance as to who you are in Him. It is wonderful that you have no regrets. I wish I could say the same.


Mrs. D said...

PS...I will be in your wonderful state very shortly on a mission trip! :D


Soul Reflections said...

Thanks for your comments.

Jennifer - Where are you going in NY?

Mrs. D said...

I will be ministering to Muslims in Brooklyn with a group from my church. It seems God has a real plan on my life where NY in concerned. He has sent me there (pretty much all expenses paid each time) four times in the last fourteen months--after having never been there in my entire life. The other trips were personal in nature, but each time I went I heard from God in a mighty way.

So wehn I got the letter announcing the location of this year's mission trip, I just grinned and wondered, "God, just what you are up to?"



Soul Reflections said...

Jennifer, God be with you in Brooklyn. I've only been to Manhattan and if it's God's will, I'll go in September. Jews for Jesus is there for the summer in all the districts.