Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I don't know who this verse is for, but it certainly spoke to me today. It's full of God's love, peace and hope. It's a hug from God for someone today. I'll take it myself but I hope that everyone who reads this will feel the embrace of God Himself.

God only acts when we have faith. If our faith is sure and steady, we will see Him move any mountain in our lives.

A favorite quote of mine is "Without God, man can do nothing; without man, God will do nothing."

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. -- Hebrews 11:1

God is the God of Now! Don't wait for another day, it may never come. Faith is now! Freedom is now! Love is now! The opportunity is NOW! It may never come again. Lost opportunities are so sad and grievous.

Build your hope in God for He will never let you down.


Brigitte said...

I do so love that verse!!
Thanks for that hug today Debs!!

Soul Reflections said...

You're very welcome!

Liz said...

hey great post!!!

how is new york treating ya today??

here it is hot stuff, but hopefully it will cool off soon!

gail said...

Thanks Debra for the post. I need that hug and I need the freedom.

Soul Reflections said...

eliz - The weather is hot and humid, but beautiful. I love summer! Can't believe that August and fall are right around the corner.

gail - you've got it. just receive it.

Love to you all.

A Captured Reflection said...

Hi Debra,

I've had a pray about your dream, so please test. I felt the issue is control. Is there something you are afraid of going into? a new direction with God? I also sensed God's desire for your attention in the secret place, his inner courts - he wants to meet you face to face at a deeper level, he is fierce with his love and passion for you.

His strong love really came through as I prayed.

Soul Reflections said...

Ok. I'd better tell you about the precursor to this dream.

I was standing at a white 6 panel door. The cold snowy wind was blowing it in. All of a sudden there were bulges in the door as if someone was punching or kicking it in. I told my husband that we had to hold it so that whatever couldn't come in. It was so strong that in my sleep I tried to rebuke the spirit and lacked the power. The next thing I knew, my husband was screwing the door shut with a power drill. It stopped. ??????

A Captured Reflection said...

I'm not sure, but white often represents purity, righteousness. I still feel there is a control issue - could it be that it was a spirit of control trying to kick that door in? The power drill wielded by your husband the word of God rebuking the enemy and shutting control out?

I feel there is more that will come to light from this dream.

What do you feel God is saying?