Saturday, July 08, 2006

Show and Tell...

My favorite shrub...flowering dogwood. It's dark red bark stays through the winter. I trimmed it back to make room for the flagstone walkway and now it's re-blooming!

This is what the birds left for me from their spring feeding. The bumblebee is reaping a harvest and after it goes to seed the birds will finish it off. Amazing cycle of life.

My pointelle (?sp). I just planted it this morning. It blooms all summer.

The world that God created for us is so full of color. The cycles of life correspond to His cycle of creation...growth, bloom, death. But death doesn't have a hold on those who believe in His Son, Jesus. As the flower dies, it's seed falls to the ground where it is fed by the water and nutrients, then is reborn into a new plant that grows and blooms.

As we realize that Jesus is the only way to real Life, we die to our self and walk in the ways of God. We are buried, nurtured with the water of the Spirit and the Word of the Bible, then bloom again in the knowledge of eternal life with Him in heaven.


Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

My parents had a surprise sunflower bloom in their garden among the glads. We usually feed the birds and we think what happened was a blue jay took the sunflower seeds and dropped one in the garden. That was last year though, and so far there are none coming up.

gail said...

Beautiful pics and lovely post Debra.It's a great reminder that Jesus is the only way to real Life.

Soul Reflections said...

Shelley, nice to hear from you. I need to get to yours more often.

Gail - thanks.

Mrs. D said...

I love the way the life cycle of a seed paints the beautiful picture of Christianity--dying to live.

A friend of mine has a young daughter and each year when he plants his garden from seed, he explains the mystery to her. I think it is wonderful.


Brigitte said...

Such beautiful photos. I had sunflowers at my wedding. My bouget and table arrangements and all thay was sunflowers. They are So beautiful and I love the way they always turn their faces to the sun (Son).