Tuesday, September 06, 2016


My gosh! I never thought it would feel like this. The day after finishing the five seasons of Breaking Bad, I am in withdrawal.

I keep mulling over in my mind the scenarios, the innuendos, the subtleties, the storyline. Real life is mundane and normal, going through the motions until I can find another series to lose my reality.

What's next? What could be as soul-searching, so intriguing to my psyche?

I have no other choice than to sit with my controller and scroll, scroll, scroll through the myriad of lists of movie titles, made for tv, and reviews of the 100's of possibilities.

There, that's it! There are other possibilities! Ok, I'm feeling better. I see a light at the end of the tunnel vision of missing Walt, Jesse, Hank, and Mike.

Adios, Amigos! I will return to the present day and persevere.

I'd better call Saul!

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