Monday, September 05, 2016


Yes, I'm talking about the tv series. On a recommendation from a friend, he said that we had to watch this series. Thankfully, it's available in its entirety on Netflix, without commercials, all five seasons. So, you know what that meant. We would binge on Breaking Bad.

We started out just watching two or three episodes every night. That grew to three or four a night. It's taken us two weeks to get to season five and watch the thrilling conclusion that took a lot of my evening hours being a couch potato. Yes, Labor Day weekend consisted of four episodes Saturday night, six episodes Sunday night, and the concluding six on Labor Day. It was almost exhausting if it wasn't for the thrilling edge-of-the-seat action that we expected for the ending.

We were not disappointed. Relieved, but not disappointed. I will not be a spoiler here but it's well worth watching. Another friend of mine watched the first episode, read the highlights of all of the other episodes, then he watched the last one. He missed so much!

The acting was tremendous and very believable. It's a series that I won't soon forget and I've learned a lot about the drug trade that I would never have known otherwise.

It's not only an education, it's an experience.

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