Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Monday

A new day has dawned. The birds are at the feeder and the sun has barely risen.

I have a squirrel, with white ears and black circles on his/her belly, that visits my feeder rock. He is quite a messy eater and very territorial. Today, I inadvertantly scared him away, but, I know he'll be back.

On Saturday, one squirrel was so angry at the lack of his kind of food that he took the top of my wooden feeder and tried to carry it off to his tree. He got halfway down the yard and another squirrel came by. I'm sure he told him that he was being silly and vindictive. Needless to say, they started carousing and both took off towards the trees.

Easter gave me a yellow-shafted flicker to watch. Even though he is of the woodpecker family, he likes to dig in the yard for grubs and other things.

Speaking of Sunday, God gave me another gift.

I had been praying for my husband to come to church with me and He worked it out...totally.

My mom, who usually goes with me, went away with my sister. My granddaughters, three of them, went to their other parents. My husband and I went to his parents on Saturday night. Everything was out of the way.

I got up on Easter morning and my husband asked what time was church. I told him 10 am because I attend Sunday School. He said 'Well, I have some time before we go to do some other things.' He went with me. Hallelujah!

My husband is not one to express his emotions, much less his faith. But in church, when Pastor Dann gave communion, he said 'We believe that only Christians should partake of communion. If you aren't one, please let the plate pass you by.'

My husband took communion, so I believe that is his 'statement of faith'. He thoroughly enjoyed the service and the people whom he hasn't seen for awhile. He even remembers the sermon.

God is so good to give us the desires of our hearts...sometimes when we don't even ask anymore. Maybe that's when God enjoys making our day.


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Inadvertently chased the squirrel....LOL...yea, scigged the dog on it...LOL

I'm really glad Mike came to church. It was such a blessed day!

Brigitte said...

Pretty pictures!
What a blessing that your husband went with you, it gives me such hope! My husband is not saved, though he does say he knows who God is and believes he is there. He has come to church twice with me so far, I continue to pray that he will come regularly. What a blessing!!