Thursday, December 08, 2016

Vegan Box Set 2 in 1: 150+ Ice Cream Vegan and Chocolate Vegan Recipes by Sam Kuma

This boxed set includes not only my favorite Chocolate Vegan Recipes but adds in Ice Cream Vegan Recipes. It's a combo made in heaven for Vegans!

I'm not truly a vegan because I don't have anything against meat lovers, but I only like to eat food that doesn't have a face or a mother. So, no dairy, cheese, eggs or honey for me. I love it when authors provide the public with fantastic easy recipes for me!

The chocolate recipes will satisfy any chocoholic and the ice cream recipes are just bonuses to use along with the chocolate. Dairy-free ice cream made with frozen bananas is great and just add a chocolate sauce to boot will make desserts yummy and easy.

If you love sorbets or sherbets, then the ice cream recipes will be perfect for you. Made with fresh fruit and ice they are so healthy but still delicious without all of the fat in normal frozen desserts and made with natural sugars instead of refined white products.

The chocolate recipes include breakfasts, desserts, bagels, French toast and much more.  The options are endless.

This is a great set for the bored vegetarian or vegan and the regular meat-eater will enjoy the desserts along with you. Lose weight by eating healthy and you will enjoy life longer.

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