Friday, February 02, 2007

Oh God! You're So Big!

Can you believe that some people still question the fact that there is a God?

I think it takes more faith to believe in the "THEORY" of evolution than to believe in the Divine Creator who made this very complicated world of ours. If you just study your fingernail, you'll realize that Someone had a design in mind.

Another thing...

Where is our value system? I was listening to the news this morning and someone was arrested with 4 ounces of cocaine in their possession. Now, they said it was worth about $6,000. ?????

I'm thinking 'I have the Word of God in my possession. It cost me $29.95 at the book store.'

The world values confuse the wisest of men. Here we are buying a pleasurable experience for almost everything we own, when our soul is seeking its Maker and the cost is next to nothing except living like His Son.

There is no balance to this life without Jesus in your heart, mind, body and soul. Everything else fades away and becomes like dust blowing in the wind.

Search for true value. It can only be found in Jesus.

It may cost you your present life but you will gain life ever after.
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