Monday, February 05, 2007

Fresh Manna

This verse came to me via an email devotional. I'm sure I've read this a few times but sometimes when it's all by itself, a verse will hit like a brick.

You are to help your brothers until the LORD gives them rest, as
he has done for you, and until they too have taken possession of
the land that the LORD your God is giving them. After that, you may
go back and occupy your own land, which Moses the servant of the
LORD gave you east of the Jordan toward the sunrise.
-- Joshua 1:14-15

Have I been helping others to find their Promised Land?

I feel as if I've been very self-centered focused upon my own goals, even the ones I believe God has for me. I am very complacent in my new job and I understand the reason for where I am but I also need to make sure that I help others attain their goals. It may be ministry or just supportive prayers to get them on their way to the mission that God has planned for them.

I certainly want to enter God's rest but how can I rest when others are discontent and searching? The only direction is through God and His Wisdom.

Seek God for what He wants. Line up with the Cross. Get plenty of advice from Godly people. Listen for His heartbeat for He'll place it inside of your heart.

When the two beat together as one, you will know where, when, how and why to go. He's already chosen the's you!

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