Friday, February 16, 2007

EEEEEEEEEEEGADS - What's Wrong With Congress!

Can't you just tell that it's getting closer to a Presidential Election year.

All the potential candidates are sniping at each other and they haven't even won the nomination.

Everyone's agenda, at the moment, is to denounce the war in Iraq and bring shame upon President Bush. The shame is filtering down all through our military ranks.

Where has the respect for our servicemen gone? Now, Congress is threatening to stop funding the war. Oh my, doesn't that show our military that we support them no matter what.

I'm just a little pea in the large pot of soup, but thanks to this forum I can say what I want to say.


That's right. Stop it! Stop the cat calling, name calling, bad mouthing, childlike behavior from our elected representatives. We voted for you to serve US, not yourselves. Stop working for your own agenda and start standing up with solutions on how to solve things.

We will not overcome anything without UNITY!

Yes, times are a'changing but not for the better. Congress has allowed things to take place that are denegrating America's society.

Let's start by supporting our troops here and overseas. They have VOLUNTEERED for duty to their Country. Let's make them glad that they are fighting for FREEDOM and the right to express our freedoms.

BTW, the evening news is history. Grow up. We know that the headlines are not what's really going on over in Iraq. Quit trying to be the sensation of the day and spread some GOOD news around.

If you want to keep a secret, don't tell a politician or a news reporter. BECAUSE they'll stretch the truth to meet their own needs. Or they'll invent a story out of nothing. An exception is FOX NEWS (most of the time).

Write your Congressman. Tell them that WE KNOW they are listening to big corporation, lobbyists and their own vanity. GROW UP and do your job as we elected you to do.

Democrats - watch out. You're hanging on a limb and it's getting weaker every moment you talk.
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