Thursday, May 17, 2007

When 2 Hearts Unite

My husband and I have been married for 35 years (36 in June). We've been through many trials, tribulations, jubulations and joy. Love is not perfect, here on earth, but it sure has been an adventure.

Our concept of marriage and love is marred by the commercialism of the world. Love never changes but listening to the media, it's easy to alter it.

I believe that love has many facets. It's not just one thing but a compilation of many emotions that all blended together becomes something we call love.

You can hate some of his habits, but you love the way his skin smells. Just funny, quirky things that when you think about it makes your head spin.

Now, that I'm free to God-talk with my husband I've found that I need to adjust my brain and tongue to let loose the things I need to say. I also need to learn how to communicate better so that we have even greater understanding of each other.

The vessels are now on a semi-even keel and to avoid strife and miscommunication is more important than ever.

With this testing, I'm leaning more on my Savior's shoulders to change me. I feel as if I'm a 'babe' in Christ all over again.

We're both going to work at the Franklin Graham Festival in June. He's decided to be a counselor on the floor, as well as an usher. I'm just amazed at how receptive he is to God's prompting. I feel like I may be left in the dust if I don't step up to the plate.

Also, I've felt the need to study the book of James. Wow! Such fires we start with the tongue.

Ok. Time to Stretch those Spiritual muscles. I need to exercise.

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