Monday, May 21, 2007

Let Go and Let God

This has been the hardest Christian lesson to learn.

I think that as you've walked with God, you begin to be more demanding and authoritive than you should be.

Maybe that's why He states in 1st Peter 3 that wives of unbelieving husbands should remain quiet, so that the unbelieving husband will become believers by the demonstration of the Christian walk of the wife.

It comes down to the 'I' thing. I want, I need, I believe, I desire.

If we truly would like to see things change in our lives, we just have to wait upon God.

Express the problem. Ask God to do His Will in the problem and see what happens. Things are amazing!

It's only been since April 15th that my husband re-dedicated himself to the Lord and the Lord has worked miracles.

His excuse for not being able to attend church on Sunday....he shattered this weekend. He felt it was more important to see his parents during church hours. He would go out and entertain them for a couple of hours with his brother playing guitars.

Now, he's changed the schedule so that he goes to church and then we go out in the afternoon. His mom is not happy about the change and she's made him feel bad about it. How soon your family will begin to hate your belief!

I haven't been saying anything to him about reading the Bible unless he asks me a question about it. Then I just get it and show him the answer. I left one by his chair so that if he wanted, he could pick it up and use it.

Last night he just sat down and read 5 chapters in Genesis and 1 or 2 in John.

Isn't God great! How rich He has made me feel, that I'm the most blessed of all women!

Glory to God in the Hightest! He REIGNS!

So just let go and let God. He will move mountains for you, if you just let Him have His way. God bless your day.

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