Monday, May 01, 2006


Do you ever wonder how you look to others? I do.

Can they see Christ in me?

As I wandered through the flea market on Sunday morning, I came to a stand with a lot of books. The seller had arranged the books on a table, along with jewelry and little oddities.

My husband asked her a question about a cd she had for sale.

She said 'I don't know. They were my sister's.'

Just from what she said, I assumed that her sister has died. I looked closer at the books and thought 'Is this her legacy? Is this all that is left behind for a stranger to get a glimpse into her life?'

She certainly had a seeking heart. Her book interests were laid bare to the world. Such topics as Buddha, inner peace, healing, how to get in touch with your inner self and so forth. I only saw one book about God.

A man standing next to me purchased a gold cross for $40 from the seller. Was that her sister's too?

I would have liked to know the story of this woman. If there was an ending, I hope it was salvation.

When I'm gone, what will my belongings tell others who didn't know me? Will they look at my writer's manuals and say 'She should have read them more'?

Will they find my unfinished cross-stitch pieces? How about the treasured items of jewelry from my mother?

I hope that they 'read' more than earthly objects. I pray they know that I knew Jesus.


Brigitte said...

I also hope to leave a legacy of a woman who was filled with a love for Christ and others.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

cool post...we discussed it a!lready