Tuesday, June 06, 2017


When you're 4' 11" and 125 lbs. it's hard to hold onto a 70 lb. puppy when they don't want to do what you want them to do. Our new dog, Mandy, doesn't like to go in the car. In fact, she'll drag me back to the door to get in the house or hide around the front of the house until I give up.

I had to take her to the vet for spaying and she fought me all the way to the car. We started out by the front door and I got behind her. It was pouring rain and the eaves were dripping water as we stood there, neither of us giving in. I inched her along the front of the house for an hour until we got to the corner and there was nowhere else for her to hide. She moaned, gave up, and got in the car.

All this time I had a leash and a choke collar on her. I'm sure it was very uncomfortable for her but that was all that I had until I got this harness. She's a bit skittish with it but I'm able to hold her next to me and guide her to the car more easily.  Since she's still rebelling at times, we are using the training collar at the same time. At least, I don't feel as if I am strangling the poor thing.

The harness is made of lightweight padded and washable material that is strong enough to contain my dog. It is fully adjustable but I got the XL size because she's still growing. She seemed very comfortable when I strapped it on her. In fact, she just stood still and let me take her picture. I'm amazed. It's worth the money when they behave. Good product.

I received this product at a discount. A favorable review was not guaranteed.

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