Tuesday, June 06, 2017


Here's a great Father's Day gift...a wireless Bluetooth headset. My husband loves it! 

He works construction all day and loves to listen to music to make the time go faster. He also mows our five acres of the lawn while listening to tunes. 

With this unit, he was able to unpackage it, turn it on, fit into his ears, pair it with his iPhone, and he was listening to Black Betty in less than two minutes. Right now, he has it plugged into his computer to completely charge the battery with the enclosed USB cord.  It will be ready to go in the morning for work.

The sound is crystal clear and since I play bass, I love the heavy bass sound, especially when the drums come in on the song. 

The buds are lightweight and come with some additional sized buds so that you can adjust the headset comfortably in the ear.  The over-the-ear extension ensuring a snug fit so that they do not fall out of the ear with a lot of movement.

I received this product at a discount. A favorable review was not guaranteed but these are a great product.

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