Sunday, April 16, 2017


If your feet hurt, your whole body aches. The feet are the basis of balance for your body and support the weight. When you have arch pain or heel spurs, you will have trouble walking and also, your emotions will be fluctuating with the pain.

Here is a set of Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Braces and Heel Pain Silicone Gel Insoles. They are flexible but maintain their shape when in use. The arch supports have a Velcro closure to secure them to the arch but in a comfortable soft way. The heel cups are clear silicone with a blue center to give your heels a cushion inside your shoes.

Even if you don't have any foot pain, these would be ideal to prevent injuries when you are very active in sports such as running or walking. They are easy to use and I would give them 5 stars for a great product that is made well.

I received this product for free. A positive review was not guaranteed.

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