Friday, January 20, 2017


There's nothing scarier to a parent when your child isn't feeling well and their bodies are hot to the touch. The first thing the doctor is going to ask when you call them, is 'Did you take their temperature?'

Now, you can. In the days before digital, we had to rely on the old mercury glass under-the-tongue thermometers. Thank God, for the digital that you can place under their arm, tongue, rectally or auxiliary.  This one is battery operated and gives a readout that is closer than you can read a mercury one.

It beeps when it reaches the highest temp recorded and comes with blue or pink accents. The entire family can use this thermometer. The readouts are in Celsius or Fahrenheit. I was able to take my temperature orally and have the readout in 10 seconds.

Buy yours here for that new baby diaper bag or for your medicine cabinet. You won't be sorry.

Lifetime guarantee.

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