Friday, January 06, 2017


I started using computers before there was Windows. Soon after that, I started an advertising business with a friend and we needed to learn how to make color ads for businesses that wanted their products displayed in grocery stores and convenience outlets. We were able to use a drawing software that has since gone out of business.

It was complicated and klutzy, to say the least.

Today, there are all kinds of software to perform edits on photos and to draw what you want for the application you need. This ebook is a quick study to get you acclimated to editing in Adobe Photoshop.

The book gives you pictures and goes step-by-step about every tool and option that are on the screen. I had to learn the hard way with a very thick manual for our old photo software but with the explanations in this book, you'll be learning very fast.

I highly recommend this book because you'll enjoy using Adobe Photoshop and gain a greater understanding of working with photos and making them better.

I received this product free. A positive review was not guaranteed.

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