Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Herbivore Abroad

Lindsay's newest endeavor will be available soon!  
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In March of 2012 I was diagnosed with an under-active gall bladder. To avoid surgery, my primary doctor asked me to try a plant-based lifestyle for 6 weeks. I didn't have anything to lose except surgery, so I gave it a shot. My gall bladder calmed down, I lost 13 lbs. and dropped my total cholesterol from 229 to 148! I don't miss dairy, meat or oil in my new plant-based lifestyle. I have more energy and my skin and hair are much better than when I ate anything and everything. It's feels like I'm on holiday and get to eat treats for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

I have also learned that a plant-based lifestyle is much more economical than eating meats and dairy. 

Lindsay's website  was first in the search for recipes and I have been avidly perusing her recipes for the delicious food that I love. Her daily emails are inspiring and encouraging. I had a recent opportunity to ask her a few questions and here are her responses:

1. How do you come up with your recipes?

With my first book, The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, I set out to recreate dishes ("comfort foods") that I used to eat -- but in a new healthy and plant-based way. With my second book, Everyday Happy Herbivore, I went back to basics. I looked at whatever ingredients I had on hand, then created a meal (or meals) out of it. With my new book, Happy Herbivore Abroad, I recreated meals I ate or saw on my travels... I made international cuisine healthy and plant-based -- and with everyday ingredients. 

2. Do you research the products used in creating a dish, i.e. best brands/products to use?

No - I use whatever I have on hand or what is available to me. I'm only brand specific on two products: nutritional yeast and almond milk, but even then I've used other brands if that's all that was available. I love to buy generic.
3. What is the best way to figure out meal plans ahead of time?

We have great meal plans at -- for individuals and families. If you want to write your own, sit down and figure out what meals you want to make for the week, write up your shopping list and go from there.
(I'm starting on the meal plans soon! Takes the guess work out of planning.)
4. Does your book include recipes for lunches to take to work?

All of the lunches on the meal plans are designed to travel to work. With my new book, Abroad, there are several meals that you could take to lunch, but I didn't specifically develop recipes for lunch. That's more for a meal plan recipe than a cookbook one.
5. Why is your book different than other plant-based cookbooks?

My cookbooks (all of them) focus on being low fat, no oil -- using whole foods, and basic ingredients, which makes them stand out from the vast majority of other vegan cookbooks on the market.
6. Have the menus of restaurants of other cultures given you more creative ideas?

Absolutely. I recreated a lot of dishes I ate abroad in Happy Herbivore Abroad.
7. I thoroughly enjoy your escapades to restaurants and it makes me want to tag along! Do you
share your experiences in the book for the reader?

Yes. There are so many personal stories in Happy Herbivore Abroad -- you'll definitely get a sense you're traveling with me.
8. What is your favorite newest recipe?

Asking a chef to pick their favorite recipe is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child :) 

Lindsay is giving away a copy of this cookbook! Just leave a comment on this blog and we'll choose one person to receive a copy at the end of December.  The winner will need to forward their mailing address to us.  U.S. & Canada only.

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