Monday, October 29, 2007

Sisters By Blood

I'm passing this along to all my blogger sisters. You know who you are. It came from Sharon. I am most blessed.

How cool is that?That is really what was in my heart. Sister bound together for eternity!So-- this is not really an award. You became a member of this sister club when you gave your heart to Christ. And so, if you are a Christian------YOU ARE MY SISTER! I am going to pass this on to women I have gotten to know. Women that by the heart they display through their blogs--show the blood they have been washed in. Blood, that at the cross--sealed our sisterhood for eternity.We will walk the streets of GOLD arm in arm! Post this (if you would like) with pride. Pride in the ONE who gave His blood, so that we would forever be bound together as............ SISTERS!I will be passing this out as I get to know new sisters. I love you with the love of our Father.Thank you for walking this earth with me arm in arm. I thank my Father upon every remembrance of you.

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