Monday, October 01, 2007

I owe my fellow Bloggers...

Sorry for the delays in postings. The time just seems to fly by these days.


1. Our band trio 'The Cellar Yellers' have been performing at several places. We've played at a club, a Christian coffee house called "City Lights Cafe", a picnic and a private lobster bash. Such fun and we're introducing more gospel all the time, i.e. Paul Overstreet.

2. My husband is growing leaps and bounds. If you've heard of Andrew Eastmond (New Zealander), you'll know how inspirational he is. His music is annointed AND he preaches the Word, AND gives a prophetic word that is truly right on. His words from God over my husband encouraged and overwhelmed him greatly.

3. I need to get back on the treadmill. The weight is creeping on since we've finished with most of the renovations at church. Time to get serious.

4. I've been doing some scrapping. I made October calendars for my Pastor and wife with little tidbits and gifts. Hopefully they'll go over good. I like to create something different than the same old card. I'll take pictures and share.

5. God has been dealing with some gossip within me and a prideful spirit. These are truly hard to give up but I'm working on it. I read in an article "If you aren't part of the problem or aren't part of the solution, don't get involved." It works most of the time, except when it's a discussionary concern in general. Such a fine line this is!

6. Had a tussle with my dog and she hit my chin, causing a crown to break. $1,100 later it looks perfect. How can something so small cost so much? Amazing where we put our money.

Hope you are all doing well. I will double my efforts to get to your blogs soon. God bless you mightily.

Love and hugs....
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