Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sometimes friends have to tell you things you might not like to hear, but need to. If you are one of those people who like to forward every e-mail you get, please repeat the following ...

1) I will NOT get bad luck, lose my friends, or lose my mailing lists if I DON'T forward an e-mail!

2) I will NOT hear any music or see a taco dog, if I do forward an e-mail.

3) Bill Gates is NOT going to send me money. Victoria Secret doesn't know anything about a gift certificate they're supposed to send me.

4) Ford will NOT give me a 50% discount even if I forward my e-mail to more than 50 people!

5) I will NEVER receive gift certificates, coupons, or freebies from Coca Cola, Cracker Barrel, Old Navy, or anyone else if I send an e-mail to 10 people.

6) I will NEVER see a pop-up window if I forward an e-mail! (If you do, you have a virus or trojan.)

7) There is NO SUCH THING as an e-mail tracking program and I am not STUPID enough to think that someone will send me $100 for forwarding an e-mail to 10 or more people!

8) There is NO kid with cancer through the Make-a-Wish program in England collecting anything! He did when he was 7 years old. He is now cancer free and 35 years old and DOESN'T WANT ANY MORE POST CARDS, or GET-WELL CARDS!

9) The government does not have a bill in Congress called 901B (or whatever they named it this week) that, if passed, will enable them to charge us 5 cents for every e-mail we send.

10) There will be NO cool dancing, singing, waving, colorful flowers, characters, or program that I will receive immediately after I forward an e-mail. NONE, ZIP, ZERO, NADA!!

11) The American Red Cross will NOT donate 50 cents to certain individuals dying of some never-heard-of disease for every e-mail address I send this to. The American Red Cross RECEIVES donations.

12) And finally, I WILL NOT let others guilt me into forwarding at email by telling me if I don't I am not their friend or that I'm a bad person.

Now, repeat this to yourself until you have it memorized, and send it along to at least 5 of your friends before the next full moon or you will gain twenty pounds in the next three months! (No, not really! If you believe that last statement, go back and read this message again!)

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Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

LOL...ROFLOL...That was too funny, especially the rodents. Are these relatives of the one living in your vehicle?

I did one like this a long time ago, but I'm going to definitely 'borrow' this one!

Diane Viere said...

Right on! Speak it Sista! Do you mind if we print this post out and secure it nearby our computers for the NEXT time we get one of those e-mails!!!!? Even though I am completely aware that nothing will happen if I break the chain...I always feel a little guilty! Instead, I will, in the future, re-read your post as I am deleting that darn e-mail....and laugh out loud! Take that!


Soul Reflections said...

Diane, go right ahead. I know about that little sneaking hesitation that pops up just before delete. Glad you liked the laughter.

Bonnie, I love the hamster dance song. The critters are cute too.

Brigitte said...

Oh Debra!! I love this. I am also so tired of the silly e-mails I get all the time. I never forward them or read them I just delete them. I LOVE the hamster dance - it is too cute!! I think I will keep this message and send it to a few people too.

Karen said...

Love this posting. I get sooo tired of 'forwards' especially when people cc other people's email addys too.

Soul Reflections said...

It's so irritating when you know that the forwarded emails contain tons of email addresses and they're going round and round. Next thing you know, there's tons of junk mail coming back at ya!

Ally said...

Man I join the line of very frustated receiver of manipulating emails...that I usually based on principal do not forward. I´m definitely glad that someone put it into words what we all suspect and I am definitely going to forward it to my friends....hoping tha the more gulable ones might take the hint!